About Us

Rufus & Bee (R & Bee) is a Nigerian flagship store of a chain of super fun centres that combine great dining and an extensive assortment of arcade entertainment for adults and families.

At Rufus & Bee, our goal is to be our guests first choice for fun through the best combination of the latest and greatest games, ultimate sports-viewing, amazing food and dramatic cocktails. Thereby offering, our guests the opportunity to "Eat, Drink, Play, Watch sport and Enjoy all in one location.

Urban Games


Our entertainment attractions offer traditional and modern, high-tech games.
The Rufus & Bee Buzzz Card replaces traditional cash play and allows guests to win tickets at each game attraction. Tickets can then be redeemed for prizes at our Redemption Store.

With an amazing sport bar and boutique style bowling alleys for private events, social crowds and families, we guarantee the best entertainment has to offer at Rufus and Bee!

Parties & Events


R&Bee is designed to cater for business and social interests that encompass the popular ‘Eat, Drink and Play’ model.
Items on the Rufus & Bee menu are served from early lunch, until late night and feature a wide variety of American gourmet appetizers, entrees and desserts. The menu is updated to reflect current trends and guest favorites.


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